A “Remote” Vulnerability

Posted on Fri 01 June 2018 in Projects • Tagged with Reverse Engineering, Electronics, Exploit, SDR

A "Remote" Vulnerability

A couple of months ago, I spent some time fiddling around my ISP-provided residential gateway. This gateway is actually not just a gateway. It’s more like a mix between a set-top Box and a gateway. Additionally, to access the Internet, the end-user can also use it to watch TV through the HDMI output of the device.

I actually went quite far, and I’ve found a couple of interesting things.

This post won’t go through all of my findings. Instead, I’ll focus on the most “unusual”, educational and interesting one. I’ve indeed found a rather creative way of bypassing (under certain conditions) the WPA2 protection of the gateway’s hotspot. This will involve reverse-engineering, electronics, desoldering things, microcontrollers, and even Software Defined Radio.

Finding and exploiting this flaw allowed me to write a bunch of general purpose tools and even to contribute to the radare2 project. I’m releasing my code along with this article. Hopefully, someone may find it useful.

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